Use your Tumblr Blog to Create Memorable URLs for any Web Page

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If you want to add static information to your Tumblr Blog, like your contact address or a detailed About me section, you can easily do that with the help of static pages.

Just open your blog’s dashboard and click Customize – > Pages – > Add a Page to create any number of static pages in your Tumblr blog.

Create Static Pages in Tumblr

Redirect Tumblr Pages to other Web Domains

Static pages are available in all popular blogging platforms but Tumblr offers an extra and pretty useful feature with “Pages” – you can redirect your custom Tumblr pages to any other web page on the Internet and this redirection will work even if these addresses reside outside the main Tumblr domain.

Let me explain with an example. I have created a page - - on my Tumblr blog but if you click this link, it will take you straight to Facebook. This is a permanent 301 redirect so Tumblr will even pass all the Google Juice to the underlying web URL.

You may use the redirection feature in Tumblr to create short and memorable links to your social profiles and your other online accounts. For instance, instead of sending someone a long Google Maps address of your home, create a simple Tumblr page (like /home) that will auto-redirect to your home address on Google Maps. Marketers can use pages in Tumblr to hide affiliate ID in the URLs.

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