Why You Should Not Rename Your Pinterest Boards?

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 15, 2012

pinterest boards

When I first read about Pinterest, I didn’t pay enough attention as it looked like any other image bookmarking site with a beautiful interface. But as I spent more time on the website exploring pins and repinning some of them to my own boards (see here), the interest level has definitely gone up.

I plan to do a detailed write-up later but here’s a quick tip for users who are already active on Pinterest – avoid renaming your Pinterest boards.

That’s because when you change the name of a Pinteret board, the associated web address (public URL) of that board will also change. If people have shared your Pinterest board on Facebook or if they have added your board to their online bookmarks, all those links will point to a non-existent 404 page once a board is renamed as the permalink changes.

Also, Pinterest boards have a Facebook Like button and the other side effect is that the Like counts will reset to zero after the board is renamed.

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