Online Zoho Office Works with Google Gears Offline

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 21, 2007

Zoho Writer is now integrated with Google Gears and users can also add their comments to documents stored on Zoho Online Office.

You can choose any part of the document and click on the ‘Comments’ icon at the bottom-right of a document and add multiple comments. The comments then show up as a div bubble.

It is also possible to compose documents in Microsoft Word and sync them with Zoho Docs using the Zoho Office Plug-in.

Initially, Zoho users will have read-only access to their Zoho Writer documents when offline. Read/write functionality will follow shortly. Going forward, Zoho plans to bring offline capabilities to other Zoho applications. 

Zoho users can work offline by logging on to Zoho Writer and clicking the “Go Offline” link at the top of the Zoho Writer screen. Zoho Writer automatically downloads their personal and shared documents and takes them offline. Once offline, users access their documents using Zoho Writer’s browser-based interface at

Zoho relies on Google Gears to enable Zoho Writer to run offline in Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers, bringing offline access to Windows and Macintosh computer users.

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