Should You Move to a Paperless Office By Scanning All Document to PDF ?

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You could put all those snail mails, brochures, bill, bank statements in your computer by scanning those documents with your Fax machine and storing them onto the hard disk as Adobe PDF Files. But is a good move ?

Ian Hardy says - “A paperless office faces the organisational nightmare as one filled with documents. All those gigabytes and gigabytes of data need to be sorted and searchable.

And there are other issues that need considering. At some point the files need to be stored, burned to disk and even encrypted. Even then there is the lingering uncertainty of how long the PDF format will last.

The final consideration is to realise that if an office or home is burgled a filing cabinet is a bit of a chore to carry away. By contrast a DVD full of documents is easy to spirit away. ” Link.

Published in: environment - PDF

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