Google Docs Presentations vs Microsoft PowerPoint

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 29, 2007

Advantage Microsoft PowerPoint – You can’t use Google Docs on a plane. Google Presentations only works if you’ve got a live, high-bandwidth Internet connection. You can save the finished product to an HTML presentation on your laptop, but you can’t edit the saved version or upload it back.

Advantage Google Docs – Multiple people can edit the same slide at the same time, from different computers. Google’s servers detect who’s editing what line of text, so if Mark rewrites the line Raffy’s working on, he gets a pop-up “Conflict Notification” when he tries to save his change.

Slate Winner – I don’t think Google will catch up with PowerPoint. The company’s strength is in reinventing applications rather than beating competitors on features. Google’s one advantage, feature-wise, might be short-lived: A Microsoft spokesman told me the company will launch its own free collaboration service in December. It will let up to 15 people group-edit a PowerPoint preso. Link.

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