NFC Enabled Business Cards from Moo

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NFC Business Cards

Moo, a UK based company that has become almost synonymous with business cards, are trying a new experiment.

They are putting an NFC chip inside their business cards that, for example, will make it easy for the recipient to transfer the contact information from the card to the phone’s address book provided his phone is also NFC enabled.

This isn’t the most practical uses case as it can be achieved through QR codes as well, which are more popular and even supported on lower-end devices, but the NFC cards offer a different advantage -  you can rewrite the cards even after the cards have been handed out and hence the information it transfers to the phone is never out of date.

This is just at an experimental stage and Moo will ship you a single NFC embedded business card for free along with your regular order. Moo will soon release an Android App that will allow you program what your business card does.

Can you think of any creative uses of having a NFC chip inside a business card?

Published in: business card

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