Why I Love the BBC News Website

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 29, 2010

The BBC News website at news.bbc.co.uk sports a very elegant design, the choice of colors and typefaces makes the text very readable and you don’t have to register to read a news story on the BBC website.

There’s however another reason why I love the BBC website – it actively links to external websites so readers can explore the viewpoints of other publications who have covered the same story.

*See the regions highlighted in yellow and red below:

BBC News Website - news.bbc.co.uk

For instance, the recent Moscow Subway story on BBC News carries links to the official website of Moscow Metro plus there are links to the news websites of Reuters, Guardian, and other sites who have also covered the same story.

These are little things but just make the story a lot more useful for readers. And while most news websites shy away from linking to external sites, BBC is setting up a good example here for others to imitate.

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