How to Link to a Specific Paragraph of a Google Document

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You have written a lengthy essay in Google Docs that spans several pages and it’s public on the web. How do you create a link that redirects people to, say, the second paragraph of page 19 of that document directly without them having to use the scroll bar.

Links in Google Documents

For instance, this Google Document (scrapped from Wikipedia) describing the life and work of Barack Obama is 31-pages long. And this hyperlink points to the fourth paragraph on Page 27 where the article discusses the Nobel Peace Prize that Obama won in 2009.

It is easy to create links that point to any specific paragraph in a long Google Document. Just scroll to that paragraph and put your cursor in the beginning of that paragraph. Now select the Bookmark option from the Insert menu. Google will add a little ribbon to that paragraph - click the ribbon and then click “Link.”

The full hyperlink to that paragraph can now be copied from your browser’s address bar and it will look something like this:**#heading=h.1icy486iph1x**

Like Google Documents, you can also create links to any specific slide in Google Presentations though without using bookmarks.

Open the Google presentation and navigate to the slide that you wish to link to (make sure that the sharing mode is public). Now copy the hyperlink from your browser’s address bar as this is the permanent link to that particular slide. For instance, the following URL links to the slide 32 of a 80-page presentation.**#slide=id.ge01a6f2_0_0**

The hash or the anchor tag appended to the document URL does the magic.

Published in: Google Docs

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