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Amazon owned is probably the biggest price comparison website in India. Unlike other comparison engines that mostly focus on “popular” online sellers, Junglee lists prices from smaller stores as well that aren’t well-known brands but may sometimes offer better deals.

Get email notifications when prices drop Get email notifications when prices drop

What some may not know is that Junglee offers price alerts, a useful feature that is not even available on its parent Amazon website. You can add one or more items to your watch list on Junglee and the site will send you an email alert whenever the price of a monitored product drops by 300 or more.

To set your price alert, open any product page on Junglee - like this listing of iPhone 6 - and click the button (screenshot) that says “Price too high”. Next click the “Set alert” button and the product will be added to your watch list. You can manage all your price alerts from this page

Junglee’s price tracker is reliable but a downside is that it will not show prices from the biggest e-commerce websites like Flipkart or Snapdeal. For them, you can always build your own Price Tracker using Google Sheets.

Published in: Amazon

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