InLinks – Text-Link-Ads That Are Tough to Detect

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 11, 2012

The company behind service has launched a new program that too a marketplace for buying and selling Google PageRank text links but could be slightly tough to detect.

Here the advertisers can pick blog posts where they want to place text links and once the blogger approves that link, particular words in the blog post automatically get linked to the advertiser’s site without the rel=nofollow attribute thus passing link juice.

Tony Hung says the starting rate for such links are about $10/month. The linking is automatic and done via plug-ins (available for WordPress, Movable Type & Drupal) and unlike the regular text link ads, here blogger don’t give a site-wide link but only from a specific post.

Text Links are dangerous for sure particular if your site traffic is dependent on Google. My advice would be to stay away because, sooner or later, search engines will figure this out especially when you are embedding links to commercial sites in your old web pages – that’s because a copy of you pages are already in Google’s index so a simple diff will reveal them all those new paid links.

Tony too has some advice in this case – “If you don’t care about how Google thinks of your site..then its probably worth a go.”

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