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Google has introduced a new do-it-yourself product called Consumers Surveys to help businesses, big or small, perform targeted market research using online surveys.

For instance, if you are planning to introduce a new dish in your restaurant, you can create a survey targeting residents of your area and those in a particular income group. The following video offers more details about the new Consumer Survey product.

A Monetization Opportunity for Websites

The company creating the survey will pay Google $0.10 per response (for a general survey) or $0.50 per response for a demographically targeted survey (like when they want to target residents of New York who are in the 18-24 age group). These surveys will be embedded on Google network sites (much like AdSense ads) and Google will pay the web publisher a commission each time a visitor completes the survey.

You may wonder what is the incentive for the visitor to fill the survey? That will be decided by the publisher - they can either offer “premium” content to visitors who complete a consumer survey or maybe they can put their site’s registration for behind a survey.

Google has put up an online form for publishers who wish to apply for the Consumer Survey Program. The support site says that integrating surveys in a website is very similar to how your set up AdSense ads on your website. It however remains to be seen if Google will allow small publishers into the program.

Update: Google Surveys is currently available for U.S. publishers only according to an email from Google.

Making Money with Surveys

Published in: Google - survey

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