Quick Reference Posters for Google Web Fonts

[rss]Google Fonts Posters](/internet/google-fonts-posters/25162/ “Download Google Fonts Reference Posters”)[/rss][norss] Google Fonts is a collection of 500+ typefaces that you can use without restrictions in your web design projects and online presentations. You can also download Google Fonts on your computer and use them with Microsoft Office, Photoshop and other desktop software.

With so many choices available, how do you pick that perfect font for your project? These reference posters may come handy here.

Serif Google Fonts

Serif fonts are cleaner and readable. Common Serif typefaces include Times New Roman, Baskerville and Georgia

Sans Serif Google Fonts

Sans-serif fonts are mostly used for headlines. Helvetica, Verdana and Arial are the most common sans-serif fonts

Handwriting - Script Google Fonts

Google Fonts has a large collection of elegant handwriting fonts for your design and calligraphy projects.

Google Fonts Reference Posters

These reference posters include every font currently available in the Google catalog. The font names are rendered using the font itself and they are further categorized by their generic font family (serif, sans-serif or handwriting sript).

You can click the images above for higher-resolution posters or click here to download everything in one go.

If you would like to create custom posters with your favorite Google fonts, here’s what you should do. Open google.com/webfonts and select a font category or script name from the dropdown. Next hit the “Posters” tab on the right, do a scrolling screen capture and save the image as a PNG file.

Also see: How to Reduce the Google Fonts Size[/norss]

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Amit Agarwal

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