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Back from a heavy lunch but not in a mood to work? Try this then.

Open any of your favorite websites in Google Chrome, for example, and copy-paste the JavaScript code into your browser’s address bar.

javascript:var h='',i,n,ss=['',h+'Renderables.js',h+'Game.js'];for(i=0;i<ss.length;i++){n=document.createElement("script");n.src=ss[i]+'?';document.head.appendChild(n);}

This will add a little snowball to the web page and as you move the mouse around, the ball begins to roll. It will pick everything – the images, text and even input boxes - that come in the way and in doing so, the size of the ball will increase accordingly.

Here’s a quick video demo:

The hack is inspired by the popular Katamari game where you are given a ball, known as a Katamari, that you have to roll to collect as much stuff as you can on the ground. It however works only with Chrome though Firefox 4 and IE 9 also support HTML5.

Published in: fun - games - Google Chrome

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