Find Opening Hours of Tourist Places with Google

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Let’s say you are in New York on a family vacation and plan to visit all the famous tourist attractions of the city including the Empire State Building, American Museum of Natural History, Statue of Liberty and the Central Zoo.

In order to plan your visit better, you need to know the exact operating hours and the days of the week when those buildings and parks are open (and/or closed) for public.

Visitor Hours Find the opening time and visitor hours of a tourist place with Google

Find the Operating Hours with Google

You can do this in two ways – you can either visit the official website of that place and search for “Opening Times” inside that site or you can save yourself a click and use Google directly.

The trick is simple. Type the name of the place that you are planning to visit and add the word “hours” to your search query. When you do this, Google will automatically show you the visiting hours of that place in the sidebar of search results.

For instance, the search query - american museum of natural history hours – will instantly give you the visitor hours of the place. You may use this query for monuments,  museums, animal zoos, public libraries and other places of tourist interest though it doesn’t work with theatres.

Published in: Google

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