Did Jimmy Wales Shut Down OpenServing (for Wiki Hosting)

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 21, 2007

Exactly an year ago, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales launched a free web hosting service called OpenServing that offered unlimited storage space and bandwidth for your websites. You could also integrate Google AdSense into your wiki pages and get 100% of the ad revenue.

Since Wikia was willing to pay all your software and web hosting bills, this announcement did pick lot of steam but is the OpenServing project still alive ?

openserving wiki hosting

Compete data suggests that OpenServing gets no traffic while Google bots cannot find a single wiki website that is hosted on OpenServing. So did Wikia ever open the site for public ?

When you open an account on OpenServing, you get an auto-reply that “Our team will create your openserving account soon” but that’s all.

The chances therefore seem high that Wikia may have scrapped all plans to launch OpenServing. Competitors like Wetpaint do offer free Wikis but they do not share the ad revenues.

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