Sites That Accept User Generated Content go for the Mullet Hairstyle

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 2, 2008

mullet hairstyleWebsites like MySpace and YouTube, that accept user generated content, are embracing a technique known as Mullet* Strategy to keep their main sections clean.

*This phrase is actually inspired by the Mullet hairstyle of 70’s that was formed by cutting the hair short on the top and sides but allowing it to grow longer in back.

Under the Mullet Strategy, the most visible pages of a site (like the front page, important sections, etc) are written and maintained by professionals while content submitted by amateur users stays on secondary pages.

This technique ensures that the advertisers keep coming (because the site appears clean to them) while site users aren’t discouraged from submitting new content.

Arianna Huffington, in an interview with, also confirmed that her site – The Huffington Post – is using the Mullet Strategy since day one. Picture from Flickr.

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