Conferences in India for Employees of IT Companies

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 8, 2007

James McGovern – Conferences in India though tend to be held in the larger cities where the majority of population resides. The notion of escaping the environment for those who live in Chennai or Bangalore isn’t a reality. This says that folks from America would probably be more apt to speak in Pune than Bangalore as they need to get some fun out of it too.

Likewise, the cost to speak is also an impediment. Unless a conference in India covers travel expenses, getting speakers is more problematic. A business class flight from New York to Delhi could run around $4K. When you pile on top of that, the cost of a business class hotel in India which typically is more costly than many major US cities (especially if you use PriceLine) then the costs get out of hand. Link.

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