BBC Builds a News Aggregator To Show Related Web Content

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 17, 2008

Media websites like The Washington Post, TIME, Wall Street Journal, etc. use Sphere to show related links next to their news stories. BBC went one step further and built their own news aggregator.

bbc-news-logo Now when you read some news story on the BBC website, you will also see links to related stories published on other mainstream media websites sorted in the order in which they were published (see screenshot).

You can watch BBC news aggregator live in action here. The human editors at BBC have no role in determining the stories that should get linked – its all done via computer algorithms just like Google News.

There’s a small difference though. Unlike the Sphere system that may link to blogs as well, the news aggregator of BBC limits itself to stories from regular English news sources and the content is supplied by

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