What it takes to be a Facebook India Ambassador

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 14, 2012
Facebook India Ambassador

Facebook has introduced a new Ambassador program in India to promote the usage of Facebook on mobile phones in the country.

The requirements are simple and everyone can participate. You are supposed to convince your friends to install the Facebook app on their mobile phones. Once the app is installed, your friend will also have to associate his or her mobile phone number with Facebook.

You can then pass on this list of phone numbers to Facebook India and users who bring the maximum number of conversions will be rewarded with the Facebook Ambassador status.

There’s no compensation involved and going forward, you may be required to promote Facebook in your school as stated in the TOS document.

If instructed by Facebook, you will engage in activities to promote Facebook.

Such activities may include working with your school administration to setup the authentic page for your school on Facebook, creating you college Yearbook on Facebook, uploading pictures of each class and tagged students in the pictures, organizing a Facebook Day on Campus that focuses on educating the audience about using Facebook on mobile devices, etc.

It also possible to use Facebook in India without a data plan but am not too sure if that will count as a valid entry for the Ambassadors program.

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