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It’s your first day at work and you’re trying to figure out if there are other people from your hometown who happen to work in the same company. Now instead of approaching the HR, what you can do is log into your Facebook account and type a little query - People from [Your Town] who work at [Company Name] in [Current City]. You may even find connections with one degree of separation using a query like - My friends of friends who work at [Company Name].

facebook graph search

What you just did is called Facebook Graph search and it is available to all people using Facebook in English on their desktop computers. With Graph Search, you can enter your search queries in natural English and find like-minded people, discover places where you may eat, find books to read, or even hunt for programmers for your project.

Facebook Graph Search Commands - The Big List

Graph Search is powerful, easy to master and incredibly useful. Here are a collection of search queries that will give you a good idea of what you can do with Graph Search on Facebook.

1. Track your Facebook Activity

  1. My favorite pages
  2. My favorite music
  3. Books I like
  4. Photos I have liked
  5. Photos I have like that are recent
  6. Places visited by me
  7. Places nearby I visited
  8. Games I like

2. View photos of friends, or even strangers

  • Photos of my friends
  • Photos of my friends of friends taken in [Place]
  • Photos of people named [Name]
  • Photos of (or uploaded by) [Name]
  • Photos of [Name] in (or before or after) [Year]
  • Photos commented on by [Name]
  • Photos liked by [Name]
  • Photos of [Person A] liked by [Person B]
  • Photos of [Person A] AND [Person B]

3. Find new places to eat, visit.

  • Restaurants nearby liked by my friends
  • [Cuisine] Restaurants liked by my friends of friends in [City]
  • Hotels nearby liked by my friends of friends
  • Friends who live (or have lived) in [Place]
  • Recent photos taken in [Place]
  • Places in [City] visited by people who live nearby

4. Discover things you may like.

  1. Music (or Games or Movies) I may like
  2. Books liked by people who like [Author Name]
  3. Favorite Books (or Movies or TV Shows or Restaurants) of my friends
  4. Movies liked by people who have interests similar to me
  5. Musicians liked by people who listened to [Band Name]
  6. Apps used by my friends
  7. Apps people who live nearby use

5. What’s happening around you?

  • Events nearby
  • Local events this weekend
  • Events near [Place] today
  • Events attended by my friends that are tomorrow

6. Know your followers.

  • People who follow me
  • People who follow me and like [Page Name]
  • People who follow me and live in [City]
  • People who follow me and work at [Company]
  • People who follow me and were born in [Year]
  • Friends of friends who follow me

7. Grow your network

  • People I may know
  • People who live nearby and like [Interest Topic]
  • People who have seen [Movie]
  • People who have read [Book]
  • People who speak [Language]
  • People with similar interests to my friends
  • People who work at [Company] in [Year]
  • People who are not my friends and went to work at [Company] in [Year]
  • People who are friends of my friends
  • People who graduated from [College Name] in [Year]
  • People who studied [Subject] at [College] in [Year]
  • People who are not my friends and went to [School] in [Year]

8. Find someone on Facebook.

  • People who work nearby
  • People who are [Profession Name] (like Doctors, Programmers, etc.)
  • People who live in [Place]
  • People who are named [Full or Partial Name]
  • People who are [Gender] and live in [City] and [Relationship Status]
  • People who believe in [Religion Name]
  • People who are N years old
  • People who are older than X and younger than Y years
  • People who were born in [Year]
  • People who work at [Company A] and previously worked at [Company B]

The permutations and combinations are endless.

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Published in: Facebook - Search

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