How to Embed Kindle eBooks into your Website

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You have been using images and videos to complement the text content on your website but do you know that it is also possible to embed ebook samples into your web pages?

Amazon and Google Books are home to hundreds and thousands of ebooks and they do allow other websites to embed these ebooks with a few lines of code. Amazon lets you embed few sample chapters from the book while in the case of Google Books, you can embed the entire e-book provided it is in public domain or free.

How to Embed Kindle Books

To embed a Kindle ebook on your website, all you need to know is the ASIN code of the ebook and you are good to go. This unique code can be easily found on the product page of any Amazon title.

The Kindle ebooks can been embedded either using JavaScript (see example) or even the IFRAME tag in case you aren’t allowed to include JavaScript in your web pages.

Kindle Embeds with JavaScript

<div id='Kindle-Reader'></div>
<script type='text/javascript'
   containerID: 'Kindle-Reader', width: '600', height: '800',
   asin: 'B0049U4CCE',assoctag: 'labnol-20'});

You need to change the book’s ASIN code (in this case, B0049U4CCE) and the assoctag value (in this case, labnol-20) with your own Amazon Associates ID.

Kindle Embeds with IFRAME

<iframe height="800" width="600" frameborder="0" src="">

You may also experiment with the height and width parameters (in pixels) to ensure that the embedded book fits perfectly into your site’s layout.

Bonus Tip: If you would like to directly link to the Kindle book sample without having to embed it on a page, just use the following link (remember to replace the ASIN value):

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Published in: Amazon Kindle - Embed

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