Send Yourself an Email in the Future Using Google Calendar

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Ever wanted to send yourself emails that are scheduled for delivery sometime in the future - say ten years from now ?

Now there are some services that allow you to send email messages with a future send date but there aren’t any guarantees that the email will get delivered to your Inbox on the scheduled date as that service itself may not stick around for that long a period.


Therefore a more reliable solution for sending future emails to yourself is to create an event reminder in any web based calendar from Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft or AOL - some of these companies may merge in the future but they’ll definitely be around in some form in the coming decades.

To compose an email with a future date, just create a new event in any of the web calendars and set the event date same as the email delivery date. Then set an email reminder 5 minutes from the start of the event.

You can use the same trick to schedule SMS messages in the future as all web calendars can send event alerts to your mobile phone.

I prefer Google Calendar or Windows Live Calendar over Yahoo! Calendar since the latter only permits your to create events within 7 years while the Google or MSN impose no such restriction.

Published in: google calendar

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