Email Etiquettes for Mobile Phone Users

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 16, 2008

email-etiquettes “Keep it short and sweet because if you don’t, you’ll get ignored.”

Christopher Elliott shares some good practices and etiquettes for sending e-mail messages to and from cell phones. Excerpts:

1. Begin messages with a one-paragraph summary of the entire e-mail, so readers on mobile devices can get to the heart of the issue immediately rather than scrolling down a tiny screen.

2. Keep your message so short and to the point that opening the actual message is unnecessary. For example, instead of a message header "call me, please," you should say "problem: pls call (your number)."

3. If you know you’re sending to a PDA (or mobile phone), mark your calendar to follow up with that person soon afterward, either by e-mail or phone. Because no matter how compelling your headline or your text, there’s still a good chance it might be forgotten.

E-mail etiquette for your wireless device 

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