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getting things done - david allen David Allen, author of Getting Things Done (GTD), has released a quick PDF guide with some practical tips on managing email overload. Excerpts:

1. Complete the < 2-minute ones : Anything you can deal with in less than two minutes, if you’re ever going to do it at all, should be done the first time you see it. It takes longer to read it, close it, open it, and read it again than it would to finish it the first time it appears.

2. Keep actionable and non-actionable emails in separate places : It’s too complex and stressful for your brain to constantly have to re-sort it every time it looks at it. Emails filed in reference folders that still represent things to do produce anxiety; and email in the in-basket that is only needed for retrievable information will fog up your focus.

3. Be good at the keyboard : Not only is poor typing speed inefficient, it creates a resistance to engage with email that undermines all the best intentions to get on top of it. If you’re not up to at least fifty words per minute, getting there with a good typing tutor could make a world of difference.

How to get “Getting Email Under Control” PDF e-book ? This is available as a free download at David Allen’s store - you will need to register before requesting the download but it’s definitely worth a read.

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Published in: gtd - Productivity

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