Create a Personal Handwritten Signature For Your Email Messages

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cursive-handwriting-signatureA handwritten signature at the bottom of your email messages can sometimes add a pinch of personal touch to your emails. (Also read - ”How to Add Image Signatures in Gmail“)

If you are on a Tablet PC, you can very easily sign off emails with handwritten cursive signatures using the stylus but for everyone else, MyLiveSignature is the place to go.

MyLiveSignature, as the name suggests, allows you to create email signatures online that look as if they are handwritten. You can customize the slope (tilt) of the writing or choose from a variety of cursive handwriting fonts so that the image closely resembles your real signature.

And if don’t like approximations - write your signature on a sheet of paper, scan the signature and upload that image to MyLiveSignature. They will send you an exact copy of the signature ready for use in emails and blogs - this however costs $10. - Type your name to get started.

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Published in: Fonts - signature

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