Add Text Notes To Your Email Messages in Thunderbird

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 14, 2008
attach notes to email

You get an email invite from a friend about a community event that happens next week but his phone number is missing. How can you attach a phone number to the message ?

Most of the times people either print out the email and add hand written notes or forward the email to themselves with some notes. Well there is a more efficient way to do it through Xnote.

email sticky notesXNote is a Thunderbird extension that lets you associate sticky notes to emails. You can put anything text inside the note and it stays with your message forever.

The notes attached with messages are stored locally and therefore won’t sync via Gmail IMAP.

XNote works like charm on Windows but on Mac OS, it can be a bit slow and sometimes the sticky note remains hidden behind the message window.

outlook edit messageIf you are on Microsoft Outlook, it is relatively easy to attach extra notes because Outlook lets you edit messages directly.

This setting is available under Messages > Other Actions > Edit Message.

Written by Shweta Gupta, founder of Criticat.

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