Find Other Domains Hosted on a Web Server with Bing

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How do you find out which other web sites or domains are hosted on a web server that hosts the site ?

In theory, all web servers (which are nothing but computers running software to serve web pages) are assigned unique IP addresses on the Internet. If a web server is hosting a website, the IP address of that site will be the same as that of the server. And if multiple domains are hosted on that web server, they will all have the same IP address which will again be same as that of the web server.

So here’s the trick - if you know the web address (or domain name), you first need to find the IP address of the web server that is hosting that site. Then use something called “Reverse IP” to find all the other websites that share that IP address.

Finds Websites Located on the Same Web Server

To find the IP address of any website, open the command prompt on your computer (Start -> Run -> cmd) and type ping <>. The output will contain the IP address of that website - copy that number to your clipboard.


Now go to, type ip:<IP Address> in the search box and there you have a big list of all .com, .net, .in and other domains that may be hosted on the same server that is hosting

You should type the ip: keyword, followed by the IP address of the website and there are no spaces anywhere.

bing ip lookup

For instance, the ping command suggests that the IP address of the web server hosting is and Bing shows a full list of sites that may be part of the popurls network.

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Published in: bing

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