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Some websites may like to make their traffic stats public so that both visitors as well as advertisers can gain more insights into the traffic patterns of that site.

Google Analytics, a free and unlimited web stats service, doesn’t offer public reports like Sitemeter or StatCounter. That means if you were to share your traffic details with another person, you’ll have to add him as a user to your Google Analytics account.

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Since that’s not a very practical solution, there’s a new service called SeeTheStats that will easily solve your problem.

Make your Google Analytics Reports “Public”****

To get started, you simply need to authorize SeeTheStats to access your Google Account and then choose a profile of the website for which you want to make the data public. Then, with the magic of Google Analytics API, the service pulls your Analytics data and generate Flash-based charts (or JPG images) that you may embed as widgets on your website.

You may choose to display your website page-views, unique visitors, the time they spend on your pages, which countries they are coming from and almost every other metric that’s available in Google Analytics.

Here are some sample sites that have chosen to make their Google Analytics stats public via SeeTheStats.com.

The service will automatically update your traffic charts based on your current statistics. If you ever want to block SeeTheStats from further access to your Google Analytics data, you may simply delete the authorization access from your Google Accounts settings page.

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Published in: Google Analytics

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