101 Digital Etiquettes That You Need to Know

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Is it considered rude to ignore a friend request on Facebook? If a phone call disconnects, who should ring next? Is is OK to use a family picture for your profile on a public social network? Is it essential to answer every missed call that shows up in your phone log?

The rules of good etiquette in the age of email and Facebook are obviously different and still at an evolving stage. eEtiquette.com is an impressive website that offers 101 useful guidelines on what we do, and more importantly, what we should avoid doing in the online /digital world.

Some of the guidelines available at eEtiquette will immediately strike a chord. For instance, it says you should consider turning off your phone at all places where you would feel uncomfortable with a crying child. You should only share your online account information with people with whom you can share your toothbrush.

The recommendations aren’t just restricted to e-mails and mobile phone usage but extend to other channels like blogs, video conferencing, text messaging and more.

eEtiquette is a website of Deutsche Telekom AG (yes, they also do a Facebook book). You can read all the rules for good manners on eEtiquettes website and they do offer the entire collection in a printed book format as well.

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Published in: etiquettes - Infographics

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