Choosing Different Passwords for Different Websites

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 19, 2010

You don’t want to use the same password with all your online accounts but it is also impossible for you to remember so many different passwords. What do you do then?

The security team at Mozilla has released an interesting animated video that offers some worthy suggestions on how you may choose strong, easy-to-remember and yet different passwords for your various online accounts.

The idea is that you abbreviate a familiar phrase (for example, “May the force be with you” becomes “mtfbwy”), add some special characters on either sides of the word to make it extra strong (like #mtfbwy!) and then add few characters from the website name into the original password as either a suffix or prefix.

For instance, the above password could become #mtfbwy!AmZ for, #mtfbwy!FbK for Facebook, #mtfbwy!YtB for YouTube and so on.

Thus, the base password remains the same and the prefix, or the suffix, changes based upon the domain or the name of of the website where you are applying that password.

strong passwords

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