Use Google Alerts to Get Quality Inbound Links for your Website – Eric Ward

Written by Amit Agarwal on Feb 29, 2008

Link Building expert Eric Ward suggests a technique that uses Google Alerts to build links on the Internet for your websites. Using this method, you may get inbound links from sites like .edu or .gov which are ranked very high in Google.

Go to Google Alerts, and set up this specific alert. Set one Google Alert to do a web search only, and set a second alert to do a comprehensive search.  Send yourself the alert once a day. 

"useful travel sites" library  -travelchannel

The effect of this will be any time Google comes across a library based web site that has a list of travel resources that DOES NOT already include the Travel Channel, you will get an email alert about it.  You can then contact that venue and lobby for the link. Link.

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