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which font?Typochondria is a state of persistent anxiety among designers that they have selected a wrong typeface or font for their project.

“The condition is often paired with optical kerning disorder or the need to constantly adjust and re-adjust the space between letters.”

If you know someone who seems to be suffering from this font related disorder, Ellen Lupton has some tips on how to cure typochondira:

Don’t mix typefaces that are too similar to each other but don’t combine those that are too discordant, don’t confuse styles and eras, and don’t buy poor-quality fonts.

Other typography related disorders include:

Typophilia - An excessive attachment to and fascination with the shape of letters‚ often to the exclusion of other interests and object choices.

Typophobia - The irrational dislike of letterforms‚ often marked by a preference for icons‚ dingbats‚ and — in real fatal cases — bullets and daggers. The fears of the typophobe can often be quieted (but not cured) by steady doses of Helvetica and Times Roman.

Typothermia - The promiscuous refusal to make a lifelong commitment to a single typeface — or even to five or six‚ as some doctors recommend. The typothermiac is constantly tempted to test drive “hot” new fonts‚ often without a proper license.

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Published in: Fonts

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