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Google Docs has a built-in PDF converter that supports nearly all popular file formats including Office documents, presentations, HTML web pages and more. Simply upload a file to Google Docs and then choose the “Download as PDF” option to convert it into a PDF.

That’s simple but consider a slightly different scenario where you would like to save a web file - like an Excel sheet or Word document that you found on another website - as a PDF. What’s the quickest path?

One option is that you save that online file to your computer first and then upload it to Google Docs for converting into PDF. Or, if you wish to save time, use Google Docs viewer.

Open that web file into Google Docs Viewer and then hit Ctrl + P to print it as a PDF. Here, you don’t have to download the original file to your computer as Google Docs Viewer will pull it directly from the website before conversion.

Google Docs Viewer is slowly turning into a universal file viewer that can help you read not just Office documents in the browser but also fonts and graphic file formats that would otherwise require tools like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Published in: Google Docs - PDF

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