Create Colorful QR Codes and Brand with your Logo

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 22, 2012

QR Code with Color and Logo

QR Codes are fast becoming popular and there are dozens of tools out there (example) that help you create one in seconds.

Now most of the available tools generate black QR codes on a white background but if you would like to have a more colorful QR code for your website, check out the QR code generator available at

Here you may create QR codes with a colored gradient, the color of the background can be changed and, best of all, you can also embed your own logo image inside the QR code for branding purpose.

There are however two important points to note here.

One, while choosing colors for the gradient, make sure that the contrast between the light and dark areas is strong else the QR Code reader won’t be able to decode your message. Second, once you have added a logo image to the QR code, always test it before publicizing because some logo images can make your QR code unreadable.

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