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The English language edition of Google News aggregates stories from 5,000+ sources and this list includes both traditional news sites as well as blogs. Some of press release distribution websites, PRWeb for example, is also indexed in Google News as as a source.

Would you like to filter out blogs and press releases from Google News and limit yourself to seeing news that’s written by ‘real’ journalists of the mainstream media? Well now you can.

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Removing Blogs from Google News

Google News has added a new setting to let you set your preferences for Blogs and Press Releases. You may either hide these categories completely from Google News or limit their overall visibility so that you see more news from traditional news sites and less from blogs.

Google News also makes it possible for you to remove one or more news sources from your Google News page. Under the “No news from” text box, type the source name and it will show you a drop-down with a list of matching name. Select the one you want to remove and click the Add button.

These customized Google News settings are tied to your Google Account and thus the changes will only be visible when you are signed-in.

Credit goes  to Barry Schwartz for this useful find.

Published in: google news

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