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It’s a cycle - blog stories make it to the Techmeme homepage, stay there for a couple of minutes (or hours) and are then replaced by fresh ones.

This Techmeme video clip captures 50 hours of Techmeme activity and replays it in 50 seconds. So you get a good idea about how the Techmeme homepage changes over a period of time.

This Time-Lapse video was created using 600 screenshots of Techmeme website taken at an interval of 5 minutes (starting January 3, 12:00 AM EST until January 5, 02:00 AM EST). It took around 2-3 hours to shoot and edit the video - I will be soon sharing the full procedure on how to create such a time-lapse video.

Also see: Time Lapse Video of Google Maps

If you are looking to download a high-res version, click here [QuickTime, 13 MB].

Published in: techmeme

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