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Hitwise compares the traffic of Engadget vs Gizmodo - fierce rivals that are also the most popular gadget blogs on the planet with ~10 million unique visitors per month. Excerpts:

1. Engadget received 60% of visits from Search Engines last week and Gizmodo 47%*. Other top sources of traffic were Social Networks, News and Media and Blogs.

2. Both sites have maintained a fairly flat level of traffic in the past year. A visitor spends ~3 minutes on Engadget but on Gizmodo, the stay can extend up to 15 minutes.

3. Last week, Engadget attracted a 6 times larger share of US Internet visits than Gizmodo - 74% of visits to Engadget were from new visitors.

Hitwise Blog. For a background on rivalry between the two blogs, read Fortune and Wired.

*The reason why Engadget gets more traffic from search engines than Gizmodo is simple - the headline. Wired wrote: “Engadget and Gizmodo have nearly identical missions — serve up news and nuggets to a huge audience of shiny-object devotees — but they take pointedly different approaches. Engadget is cool and straitlaced. (One typically direct headline: “Sprint Announces Massive Layoffs, Store Closings Amid Subscriber Defection.“) Gizmodo revels in cheap jokes and hedonism”.

Published in: Blogging

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