Move FeedBurner RSS Feeds From One Account to Another

If you want to transfer a feed between one FeedBurner account and another, follow these steps. FeedBurner will contact this publisher by email and provide a link they must visit in order to sign into their own FeedBurner account and then accept the transfer. The transfer will occur immediately after they complete this process.

January 29, 2008

FeedBurner has introduced a new "Transfer Feed" features that lets you move RSS feeds from one FeedBurner account to another including the email subscribers.

This is useful when you are planning to change your FeedBurner user name or selling the blog that is syndicated via FeedBurner. Instead of transferring the full FeedBurner account to the new owner, just pass on the feed ownership.

You have to type the email address of the publisher to who you wish to transfer the feed. He will immediately get a link to claim ownership of your feed.

In case you are a member of the FeedBurner Ad network, the method for transferring feeds is slightly complicated.

For more, check out the FeedBurner Guide.