The Most Hard Working Tech Bloggers in the World

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 2, 2009

let bloggers blog Meet the hardest working people from the tech blogging world. The list is based on the number of blog posts written by any particular author blogger (in English) over a period of time.

The Lifehacker editors take the top positions followed by Arrington of TechCrunch and Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing. This data is sourced from rssmeme and may not be 100% accurate (Om Malik, Allen Stern, Brad Linder of Download Squad and Inquisitr are missing) but still good enough to help us acknowledge the most hard working souls in the blogosphere.

The world’s hardest-working tech bloggers

1. Adam Pash – Lifehacker
2. Kevin Purdy – Lifehacker
3. Gina Trapani – Lifehacker
4. Michael Arrington – TechCrunch
5. Cory Doctorow – Boing Boing
6. Erick Schonfeld – TechCrunch
7. Jason Fitzpatrick – Lifehacker
8. Mark Frauenfelder – Boing Boing
9. Jason Kottke –
10. Darren Murph – Engadget
11. Jason Kincaid – TechCrunch
12. Sarah Perez – ReadWriteWeb
13. Jesus Diaz – Gizmodo
14. Chris Brogan  –
15. Dion Almaer – Ajaxian
16. David Pescovitz – Boing Boing
17. Adam Ostrow – Mashable
18. Marshall Kirkpatrick – ReadWriteWeb
19. Sean Fallon – Gizmodo
20. Robert Scoble – Scobleizer
21. Jeff Atwood – Coding Horror
22. Mark Wilson – Gizmodo
23. Xeni Jardin – Boing Boing
24. Darren Rowse – Problogger and Twitip
25. Frederic Lardinois – ReadWriteWeb
26. Phillip Torrone – MAKE
27. Richard MacManus – ReadWriteWeb
28. Adam Frucci – Gizmodo
29. Michael Masnick – Techdirt
30. Philipp Lenssen – Blogoscoped
31. Fred Wilson – A VC
32. Jackson West – Lifehacker
33. Robin Wauters – TechCrunch

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