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Twingly is a new blog search engines that they claim is “spam free” because it indexes only those websites and blogs that are linked from other “high quality” sites. So if Engadget links to Site A which also links to Site B, Twingly will probably index both sites A and B.

What I also liked about Twingly is their blog screensaver that shows blog stories on a rotating 3D globe as they get published in different parts of the world - its fascinating to see stories scrolling on your screen in almost real time while the earth continues to spin.

You can also rotate the globe with your mouse or zoom to any specific geographic region. (Related: ”Screensavers for RSS Feeds“)

Unlike Technorati, Ask Blogs or Google Blog Search that index sites from across the globe, Twingly is currently focused on indexing blogs from European countries though they will expand their footprint soon.

Twingly Screensaver [Windows only] - Thanks Vaibhav.

Published in: screensaver

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