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Outbrain, that provides the excellent star ratings widget for WordPress, Blogger and other blogs, has added some new features that makes this service almost irresistible for most bloggers.

First, you can now install the star rating widget to your RSS feeds that are syndicated via FeedBurner. That means your blog subscribers, who always stay inside RSS readers, will still be able to rate your blog posts.

rss feed ratings

The second feature is the Ratings Intelligence Reports for your blog - Outbrain aggregates ratings data of your blog posts from both the blog and the associated RSS feeds.

It then prepares a “real-time” report showing data about how your audience rated each post and a popularity ranking (what your audience likes best). Here’s a sample.

add ratings widget

If you want something similar for your own blog, install this JavaScript code in your blog template, then add this feedflare to your FeedBurner feed (optional) and finally register your blog to enable Outbrain gather your Blog Intelligence reports.

And Outbrain ratings widget is also available with FeedBlitz RSS to Email newsletters - so that makes it possible even for your email subscribers to rate your blog posts.

It’s all pretty simple but at the same time, extremely useful.

Published in: feedburner - RSS

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