Add a BlogRoll in Blogger and Pass PageRank Juice to Your Google Reader Subscriptions

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 2, 2009

add blogger blogger pagerank Google had added a new feature in Blogger that lets you share your Blogroll with readers. You can either add blogs manually or import them from your Google Reader Subscriptions.

Blogger will automatically arrange the blogroll using the order in which blogs are updated.   The blogroll can also show short text snippets from the latest post of your favorite blogs.

This could be an easy way to spread some Google Juice as Jerry Esteban writes on Blogger Draft blog – “The Blogroll writes all links out in HTML so that, unlike JavaScript-based blogrolls, you pass Google PageRank goodness on to the blogs you link to.”

To add a blogroll in blogger, open and insert the “Blog List” widget to your Blog Template.

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