How to Block all Facebook Applications Forever

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 17, 2012

Do you hate getting invites from friends requesting you to install Facebook apps and games that are of little interest to you? Would you like to permanently block all those annoying Facebook apps that post messages to your wall without asking?

If you are someone like me who primarily uses Facebook to connect with family members but with no interest in Facebook apps, you can choose to permanently opt-out of the Facebook apps platform. This will make your profile inaccessible to all other apps and you therefore won’t get any invites or wall posts in future.

To disable the Facebook apps platform, log in to your Facebook account, select Privacy Settings under Account and then click “Edit your settings” under the Applications and Websites section. Here you’ll see an option to turn off all the platform applications with a single click.

The above video screencast describes the various steps in detail. It is important to note that when you turn off the Facebook Applications platform, it will also disable the various social plugins that help you ‘like’ stories on other websites.

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