Set Bing Images as your Desktop Wallpaper

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 4, 2012
bing desktop search

The Bing homepage features a new image every day and there’s a new utility in town called Bing Desktop that will download and set these images as your desktop background automatically. Thus, if there’s a new image adorning the Bing website, your desktop wallpaper should change as well.

Bing Desktop is however more than just a wallpaper changing application. The real purpose of the app is to provide you instant access to Bing without having to launch the web browser.

Press the Windows Key + H keyboard shortcut and the Bing search box will pop-up right in the center of your screen. It can auto-complete your search queries – just like the search box on the Bing website – and hitting Enter will show the search results in your default browser.

I don’t get to use Bing very often because Google is the default search engine in all my browsers but with Bing Desktop installed, I hope to hit Bing more frequently than before. There’s also an easy hack to help you quickly switch between Bing and Google.

Bing Desktop is compatible with Windows 7.

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