Add Items to your Amazon Wish list That Aren't Available on Amazon

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Want your friends and family to know about stuff they should get you on your next birthday? Just create a wish list at Amazon, add those products to the wish list and send everyone a link. Simple.

amazon universal wish list

Now there’s a new feature that lets you include products from non-Amazon sites to your Wish List as well through this bookmarklet.

The process is almost as simple as saving a web page on delicious but here you don’t add tags but instead indicate the price of that item that gets displayed in your wish-list.

Once you save the product, it appears in your wish list just like any other Amazon item though it links to the original web page where you discovered that item.

Why you need Amazon Universal Wish List

Amazon Universal Wish lists are a wonderful idea but if you are looking for some more reasons to get convinced, here they are:

amazon wishlist

1. If you are residing in a country where Amazon products aren’t shipped (say India), your friends will have to do some extra homework to figure out other places where they can buy that Amazon product for you. Save them some time, locate local online stores that are selling your favorite product and put them on Amazon Universal list.

2. is the world’s largest online store but still you can’t find everything there (Microsoft Surface Table ?) - you can save such items to your Universal Wish list so all the things you crave for are available at one place.

3. Amazon is the largest store but not necessarily the cheapest so if you spot a good deal on the Internet, save it your Amazon Wish list - your friends and relatives will also love you for this.

4. If any of your favorite item is discontinued or goes out of stock on Amazon, use this Universal clipper to tell friends about alternate places where they can shop the same stuff for you.

Published in: Amazon - Bookmarklets

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