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Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 27, 2011

WDYL, short for What Do You Love?, is a new website from Google that lets you search across all the Google Products from one place. The final home for WDYL, according to the HTML source, is likely to be but its not live yet.

Type in a query and WDYL will display the top search results from Google Images, Blogs, Maps, News, Books, YouTube, and other Google Search properties – neatly arranged on one page but there’s one element missing – web search.

Also, it looks like safe search is currently not enabled for Google WDYL so you may sometimes encounter NSFW results for regular queries. For instance, I searched for “Gmail” and the top photo result in Picasa was that of a woman on a beach.

Full credit goes to MG Siegler for discovering WDYL.

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