Virtual Debit Cards in India for Safe Shopping

Written by Amit Agarwal on Feb 19, 2011

credit-card-indiaWhen it comes to shopping online, lot of us don’t feel safe (especially here in India) while sharing our credit card number of the Internet.

PayPal and some US banks offer “disposable credit cards” where the credit card number expires after single-use. You key in the card details on a shopping website, finish the transaction and that credit card number is rendered useless immediately.

Now the Kotak Mahindra Bank in India is also offering these “one time use” Credit Cards Debit Cards that can be used on all websites that accepts VISA cards.

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Here’s how Kotak Internet cards work – you login to your bank account and generate a new debit card number along with the 3 digit CVV code. You also specify a maximum limit of transaction allowed for that card.

You then open the shopping website, complete your purchase and make the payment via the card you just generated yourself. If you don’t use the card for 48 hours, it will automatically expire. There’s no fee though you need an account at Kotak in order to use the virtual card service.

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