Route Planner Lists all your Travel Options in India

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 7, 2012
Transport Options in India

Should you take the bus, taxi, train, flight or a combination of them?

Travel website today introduced a new web-based tool called Route Planner that will show you the various modes of transport that you can take to travel from one city to another. You may also use the tool to plan your travel to smaller towns in India that aren’t always connected by flights or even trains.

To get started, enter your starting point and the destination city and Route Planner will display the various permutations and combinations available between the two points. It will also list the approximate time per route and the approximate fare that you can expect to pay for the trip.

The tool may come handy for planning travel to places – especially the Tier II and Tier III cities – where you have never been before though in some cases, the suggested choices weren’t quite practical.

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