July 31 – Last date for filing your Income Tax returns

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 11, 2007

For the financial year 2006-07 (Asstt. year 2007-08), all non-corporate taxpayers, salaried persons, pensioners, professionals/self employed taxpayers with turnover below the tax audit limits have to file returns by July 31.

For those having difficulty in filling up the new ITR forms, the Government has adviced to take asistance of Tax return preparors, the details of the which can be obtained from www.trpscheme.com.

The Finance Ministry rejected media reports saying that TRPs are awaiting further permission from the Government to start their work. As soon as a certified TRP receives a unique identity card from NIIT (training partner), he/she is entitled to file income tax returns on behalf of taxpayers.

The new tax return forms already contain provision seeking information about the TRP filing that return.

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