Locate an ICICI Bank Branch using city maps

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Continuing with its tradition of being the pioneer in bringing latest service innovation, one can now locate an ICICI Bank Branch through user friendly maps being provided by mapmyindia.

Uptil now most of the bank’s websites provided addresses of the respective bank’s branch area wise by entering the State and City. This was convenient for most of the customers who were residents of that city. The difficulty arises for persons who are not aware of the directions and areas of a city.

Through http://locator.mapmyindia.com/icici/ one can select a city and specify an area or landmark, close to which he wants a bank branch specifying a distance ranging from 100 metres (useful in metro cities) to 100 kilometres (suitable for rural areas).

ICICI Branch

The service can be further improved if the map service provider could add further dimension by specifying the location of the branch situated nearest to a particular pincode.

And taking cue from US and UK mapping services, there can be facility whereby one can get the directions to get to a bank branch from a specific area along with distances.

Published in: India

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